Evaluation Question 7

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Looking back at the start of media studies I completed the preliminary task and also the continuity task. Back then, I was still trying to figure out the 180 degree rule which I broke in my preliminary task, steading the camera, varying my shots and movements and understanding the editing software.

In my preliminary task which is a task to help us learn about the 180 degree rule and its importance, shot reverse shots and match on action shots. Most of my footage was out of focus or blurry. I didn’t understand the concept of lighting so most of my footage was is quite dark areas as I went out of natural light. I broke the 180 degree rule when my characters were speaking so it looks quite confusing and also I used the cameras microphone so some character dialogue is hard to understand the camera picked up background sounds. However, this task helped me to understand how to use the camera, how to focus my shots and how coming out of natural light effects lighting in the footage quite severely. In the continuity task, I developed an understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere, how to edit and when and where I should add sound. It also helped me understand how continuity works and what good continuity looks like and how it makes the difference compared to bad continuity.

From those two task, I was able to film my mundane task which is filming a boring activity and make it fun and interesting with editing, camera angles and music. At this point I had a better understanding of focusing the camera, how to vary my shots and using the natural lighting to my advantage. When it came to editing the footage, I added music to it which complemented the film, I added slow and fast motion effects on a few shots and I tried to master continuity.

Looking at my final film opening, I think I have come along way since the preliminary task as I developed my camera and editing techniques. In my film I am using a variety of camera angles and duration of shots. I now feel comfortable at doing close up with out my character or props becoming out of focus. I now use a tripod instead of a monopod which I used in my preliminary task, as it provides more stability and my shots are no longer shaky and I can also perform panning or titling camera movements with ease. I am able to use colouration using Mojo and Magic Bullet which is something I would not have been able to attempt earlier in the media course. For my film, I needed to add titles using Adobe After Effects, at first adding titles and understanding another software was a struggle especially when adding titles to three different film and trying to get the font correct to the genre for practice. Now I am able to add titles without becoming too stressed or confused.

To conclude, I think I have definitely developed. I feel I have come a long way since day one of media and I hope to keep improving. I am happy with my film opening and I am happy with how much my editing has improved.


Evaluation Question 6

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I have learnt how to use Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for the majority of my work this year. Adobe Premiere is a video editing software and Adobe After Effects is asotware hat uses visual effects and motion graphics. At first both seemed very complicated to use but with practice and using almost at every lesson, it become much simpler.

To help me understand both pieces of software softwares, I did a variety of tasks to help me become more confident in using them. I completed the preliminary task, continuity task and mundane task which made use of techniques such as adding music, cutting footage, using video effects, e.g. slow motion and key framing the audio.
To understand After Effects a bit better, I picked 3 films and added titles to them as if they were openings of the film. I chose different fonts depending on what type of genre they were for example, Serenity is a Sci/Fi film so I used a modern and ‘techy’ font to relate to its genre. This helped me understand where titles should go on the screen, how long they should be on the screen for and how to fade the titles in and out using key frames. When creating my ident, I followed a step-by-step tutorial by Video Co-Pilot which helped a lot as this showed me different areas of Adobe After Effects which I had never seen or used before.

For filming I used a Nikon D5300. I found this DSLR tricky at first to use but filming for example, my mundane task helped me lot as I figured out which buttons where for which purpose, such as how to change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture and how to use the rule of thirds correctly. All this helped me for my final film opening as I understood the camera, I was able to use different shots and movements for example, close ups, long shots, panning and titling. In the making of the opening title sequence I also used a tripod from Hama to stabilise my camera so there wouldn’t be any unnecessary shaky movements or objects going out of focus. I also tried to use a GoPro and a Gimbal for my opening scene when filming the entering of the church and going down the isle. However, due to technical difficulties, the Gimbal decided not to work so it didn’t hold the GoPro in a stabilised position. Instead I used an iPhone 7 and a selfie stick to replicate the work of the GoPro and Gimbal and in the end it was quite successful. It would have been nice to have use of the GoPro and Gimbal due to the different colouration of the footage between the iPhone 7 and the Nikon D3500.

I also created a WordPress account which is my Media Studies AS blog so I post all my coursework on it. This helped me to stay on track with the amount of coursework as I know where everything is on my blog. I then created a Vimeo account to post all my videos to such as my sound story, aperture task and my film drafts. I then would embed the videos form Vimeo on to my WordPress account so they could be viewed more easily.

Evaluation Question 3

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From my research I looked at film distribution companies ident’s like Universal and 20th Century Fox. These two production companies have a massive budget so they can make their ident very different to the genre they are producing as they are such big companies they producing many different films varying in genre. However, due to having a low budget to make and produce my film, my ident will be like ‘Blum House Productions’ and ‘Ghost House Pictures’ which both have ident that has a certain genre to it which shows which type of films they would distribute; Horrors and Thriller.

So, like those two low budget companies, I have created my ident to have the same genre as my film, thriller. I have tried to use similar colours in my ident that is in my film which is blue/green. I have also added clouds in my ident to give it a bit of a spooky atmosphere. As I added clouds, I have called my film company ‘Nimbus Productions’ as a Nimbus is a type of cloud. I have added a female singing in the background to again give a gripping atmosphere but this ties in with my film as the main character is female.

If I could choose who I would like to distribute my film it would either be ‘Columbia Pictures’ who have distributed films like ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’ which are thrillers like mine which challenge the forms and conventions of a thriller, or ‘Lionsgate’ who have distributed ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ which have been extremely successful. Both these companies have huge film budgets and I would like to go with either one of them if I have the chance as my target audience is young adult, they will be mostly interested in a gripping plot line with action scenes, good quality costumes, props and CGI which doesn’t look false.

I think I would avoid trying to get an independent film company to distribute my film as they have less resources for marketing this is due to less money, they have less resources for distribution so they will have to negotiate with other companies for distribution via TV and also the public are usually unsure if the film is made professionally. However, as I am an unknown director, major film companies may not want to distribute my film, they would probably not want to release an amateurish film where as an indie film company might, so possibly independent film companies are best at this moment.

Although there are ways to get my name out there and my film. I would try to document my film at LA Thriller Film Festival which would hopefully bring awareness to my film so hopefully a major film company could distribute it and it would also help get the public aware of my work. However, if a major film company didn’t want to distribute my film, I would use a website called Kickstarter to help with costs of equipment such as camera, lighting, lens, props and costumes. Then I would go to an indie company fully prepared with all the equipment so I could start the process of filming as soon as possible.

Other ways to help make myself and my work more aware, is that I would try and advertise by making a Youtube or Vimeo account by uploading short homemade films or upload myself practising with different techniques.

Hopefully by doing this, I show potential distribution companies that I am determined and trying to better my techniques. If a major film company was to distribute my film, there would be a need for a lot of advertising as I am an unknown director and this would be my first time being distributed by a major company. Even having a major distribution company like ‘Lionsgate’ or ‘Columbia’ would boost my film viewing due to the reputation they both hold, my film could be available to the public domaine to view and buy on DVD, iTunes, Netflix and Sky Cinema. Hopefully, the revenue from the box office will help pay off any debts or pay back the distribution and production companies.

Evaluation Question 1

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My film opening challenges the forms and conventions of a thriller. I have tried to make my product appeal to my target audience by creating interest that is very different to other thrillers. I think the title of my media product, ‘Dark Deeds’ can be compared to ‘Angels & Demons’ and the ‘Da Vinci Code’ as it provides intrigue and interest.

I find these titles interesting as they potentially tell the audience of themes that will be explored during the film but do not give away the plot line or are not making the story obvious. After watching different genres of film openings and then specialising to thrillers, I have noticed that the fonts and colours of titles relate to the themes of the film.
For example, in ‘Paranoia’ the titles appear fast which relate to the character running fast in the alley and also appear to have a ‘glitch’ effect which relates to film being based in modern life and being in a busy city area. So, for my film, I used titles which related to my location, the church, instead of using the letter ’T’ I would replace it with a cross which also represents the 4 crosses in my opening.

When researching the film openings, I also looked at the distribution companies ident to get ideas for mine. For me, I tried to make my ident similar to my film opening so, as the colorisation of my film is tinted blue to symbolise the cold, I made my ident colours blue and white. I also tried to get the sound of ident similar to ‘Universal’ but with a spooky twist to it to link with my film.

Originally, I had a narrative which followed the forms and conventions of a thriller as I used teenagers as my main characters with a murder and disappearance, however, I wanted to try something different and also due to busy schedules of the actors, I decided just to use one character but an older female character as my antagonist which again challenges the forms and conventions of a thriller.

The locations of my film definitely challenges the forms of conventions of a thriller when you compare it to alleyway in a busing city area in ‘Paranoia’. Using SurveyMonkey to submit an online questionnaire to see what peoples ideas and thoughts were on a thriller, no one said for a thriller to be based in a church, mainly in a city or abandoned house. So to be different, I went with a church and also the woods. I thought this would be good idea as no one would expect a thriller to be set in these places so I thought I would still be able to appeal to my target audience with interest. I also filmed in the time which is uncommon for a thriller as most are shot a night during the start to provide suspense like ‘Paranoia’. As I am not a big budget film production company, I wanted to make the most of natural light and use it to my advantage.

Using Adobe Premiere, I was able to put effects on my film using Magic Bullet’, I wanted to provide a gloomy atmosphere by putting a blue/green tint on my footage using ‘Mojo’. This also helped add suspense in day time as I wasn’t able to film at night. I also used a Blur Tool using ‘Magic Bullet Looks’ during the beginning of my film to make the church in focus and also in close up to focus my characters face.
I think by media product can be compared to ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’ as they both use a church for their main location, follow a similar plot line which is to do with religion and the film title they use does not give much away like mine, ‘Dark Deeds’ , it provides intrigue.

Third Draft

For my third draft, I cut down on the amount of actors names I used as titles as I started to find it was becoming a bit messy with so many names.

I also made the ‘hidden edit’ shots, with character walking into the camera an appearing into a new location, shorter so it looks seamless.

I used more diegetic sound effects in this draft for example, having a howling wind effect before entering the church and sound of jewellery being handled to represent the rosary being put away into the character’s pocket.

Lastly, I changed the name of my film to ‘Dark Deeds.’ I thought this title is better suited to my film as the title ‘HEXED’ is too ‘horror’ whereas ‘Dark Deeds’ has more intrigue and is suited more to a thriller.


Dark Deeds (Third Draft from Sabine on Vimeo.